Welcome to Darlington Advanced Motorists

The Darlington Advanced Motorists group is one of over 200 groups across the country run as independent charities affiliated to IAM RoadSmart (formerly The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)).

Our qualified observers will help and guide you in your own car until you are at the standard required to take the advanced driving test. During this process we will help you learn how to:

  • Deal with hazards in a safe and systematic way.
  • Improve your observation and planning.
  • Corner at the optimum and safe speed.
  • Overtake safely and confidently.
  • Improve your car control.
  • Drive in an Eco-friendly manner.
  • Together with these skills we make your driving more enjoyable and safer for all.

Feel free to come along to one of our monthly meetings, or join our facebook group.

All Group activities are cancelled until further notice to reduce Coronavirus risk

The joys of riding and driving

Thoughts on driving and riding by Peter Herridge. Re-discovering the joys and challenges of riding and driving through the Advanced and Masters driving qualifications.

Sharing the road

We all share the same road space. We all need to coordinate our journey with those around us. But sometimes, when someone pulls out or fails to indicate, it annoys us. It tests our patience. We forget to share.

The big skills refresher

As an IAM RoadSmart poll revealed reduced levels of confidence among non-advanced riders and drivers, Richard Gladman, IAM RoadSmart’s Head of Driving and Riding Standards, shares the essential skills everyone needs for staying sharp and keeping safe.

In-car technology is baffling drivers

IAM RoadSmart’s road safety expert, Tim Shallcross, explains his concerns about the impact that this technology can have on a motorist’s ability to drive safely.